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[ nan-oh ]

a combining form with the meaning “very small, minute”.

I. Am. Not. A. Wedding. Photographer.

That being said, weddings look a little different of late thanks to a couple years of pandemics and priority shifts.

I'm not great at the posey-posey shots. I stink at creating moments for you. And full disclosure; I didn't even hire a professional photographer for my own wedding. I'm sharing all this because I believe in the significance of this milestone, and recognize how essential it is to share the same vision for your day as your photographer.

If you're still reading, and your hope is to capture the details of your small celebration as it naturally unfolds, be it at the lake, in the backyard or a cozy venue, I have your back.

My forte is in turning candid moments and authentic emotions into a beautiful collection of images that will let you relive your experience for years to come. Please reach out if you think I'm a good fit for the day you say we do!

Packages start at $700. Includes all the best captured images, edited and delivered digitally.

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