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Fox in the Fog - Framed

Fox in the Fog - Framed

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Fox in the Fog - West Fox Collection - 2020
5"x7"  |  Matted Canvas
Black Frame  |  Outer Dimensions; 8"x10"

The Foxes are a chain of islands and islets situated east of the town of Killarney, Ontario. Pink granite, quartzite veins and cobble beaches rise gently from the clear, turquoise waters of Georgian Bay offering a spectacular paddling destination to those willing to make the trek. Beautiful as it may be, this location is not for the uninitiated, as a large stretch of the journey leaves canoes and kayaks fully exposed to the brute force of Lake Huron; A Great Lake that has sunk ships, tankers and vessels designed to withstand its fury. She's moody though. The day these images were taken, the lake was at rest, serene and so peaceful. Hopefully they inspire the same sense of calm Jess experienced as she rolled out of her tent that morning.

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