Jess McShane


Born, raised and (proudly) residing in Sudbury, Ontario.

Jess knows sport. She's been a varsity rower, a skier (all three kinds), a paddler, swimmer, runner, football player, hockey wannabe and a hopeless soccer enthusiast. She's been there and done it all, and developed an eye for action and raw, competitive emotion in the process. As much fun as sport is, she has always been more comfortable on the sidelines with a camera in hand, telling the story of the players on the field or the racers on the course. 

She knows families and wants to capture yours doing what you love. Have a camera shy kid? She has three! Jess has a knack for bringing your crew to life and ensuring everyone is comfortable in front of the lens, be it at home, at camp or anywhere else you enjoy time together.

Hosting an event? She knows the ins and outs of those too; She founded, coordinated and chaired Pond Hockey Festival on the Rock, acted as Logistics Coordinator for the 2010 Ontario Summer Games, and started up and managed Sudbury Sport + Social Club, gaining an in-depth understanding what it takes to bring people together.

She's also pretty fun to have around, so let her hang out with you and your people! She will capture the most authentic version of your story to display on your walls, post on your feed or tuck in an album. 


"If you want pictures, hire a photographer. If you want emotions and memories: hire Jessica."

- Rolston - JAM Group - Branding & Marketing Director