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Jess McShane

Born, raised and (proudly) residing in Sudbury, Ontario.


A lifetime of wandering among trees, floating down rivers and diving headlong into lakes has provided Jess a keen understanding of how fortunate we are to live up here. It is this deep connection and appreciation that guides her lens toward the people, the places, the nuance and the ordinary that make Northern Ontario so extraordinary.

Jess takes the time to document the seemingly mundane, the small moments and the raw emotions that make her clients' stories their stories.


Her slower pace and attention to detail is equally evident in her landscape imagery. While many may gaze at iconic vistas and grand scenery, Jess focuses on the minutia that might otherwise go unnoticed, offering a unique perspective of the Canadian Shield in its natural state.

She's also pretty fun to have around, so let her hang out with you and your people next time you plan an excursion! You can be sure she will capture your best selves in your element.


"If you want pictures, hire a photographer. If you want emotions and memories: hire Jessica."

- Rolston - JAM Group - Branding & Marketing Director

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