West Fox Collection

The Foxes are a chain of islands and islets situated east of the town of Killarney, Ontario. Pink granite, quartzite veins and cobble beaches rise gently from the clear, turquoise waters of Georgian Bay offering a spectacular paddling destination to those willing to make the trek. Beautiful as it may be, this location is not for the uninitiated, as a large stretch of the journey leaves canoes and kayaks fully exposed to the brute force of Lake Huron; A Great Lake that has sunk ships, tankers and vessels designed to withstand its fury. She's moody though. The day these images were taken, the lake was at rest, serene and so peaceful. Hopefully they inspire the same sense of calm I experienced as I rolled out of my sleeping bag that morning.


Sudbury General Collection

Thanks to muralist RISK, the folks from We Live Up Here & Up Here Festival, Panoramic Properties Inc. and numerous other sponsors, volunteers and generally stellar individuals, the old St. Joseph's Hospital (or Sudbury General - for those born under the banner), our local eye-sore is now an put it lightly.

Love it or hate it, it has people talking and isn't that the point? I for one, LOVE it. While some may only see mindless splashes of colour, I took the time to peer a little closer and bring the Old Bird's contrasts to life. Oh, the contrasts! The gaudy pink against the algae green. The intentionally haphazard pile of paint cans resting within sight of their, carefully arranged lids. The dainty butterflies fluttering gently off the harsh, haunted structure that has been left to erode alone in plain sight of thousands of passers by.


For a decade Sudbury grumbled about its existence, its wasted potential. A blight on our City's landscape.

She gets a facelift and we moan about the cost, the colour and the blight on our City's landscape.

It's these contrasts and the irony of this building's story that I love. It's where I came into this weird world. Relatives and strangers battled disease and overcame illness & injury within its walls. Much like the medical miracles that took place inside, RISK and a few visionaries took something broken and gave it new life, if only for so long. Some call it a waste of money, but I sure hope a "RISK" shows up to breath new life into my canvas when I become an ugly, neglected, geriatric nuisance. Everything is here for a short while. Let's just enjoy it.


Made in the North Collection

It's all in the details. Take a closer look at what makes Northern Ontario so unique.

Moody Waters

Motion on the freshwater oceans.