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Are you tired of forking over cash for greenscreens, laser backgrounds and strained smiles? Me too.
Are your kids learning from home? Pat yourself on the back. This is hard.
But don't let these obstacles stop you from documenting this school year for your little learners!

I'll be hosting outdoor mini-sessions this fall that'll produce high-quality, authentic prints and digitals you and the grandparents can share with pride.
Jess McShane Photography - 20-11 - Virtu
Date:  TBD    
Location: Stewart Beach Playground
Session Fee: $30
PrintsPrints are made in-house by Jess, using her pro-grade, fine art printer, premium semi-gloss paper and genuine Canon inks. 
Options Include:
  • Eight Wallets: $15
  • Four 4x5s: $15
  • Two 5x7s: $15
  • One 8x10: $15

Digital Downloads:
  • 1 Image: $15  
  • 5 Images: $50
  • 10 Images: $80
Here's how it works:
  1. Book and pay for your photo session online. Please book any additional children separately.

  2. Somehow convince them to brush their hair and floss their pearly whites.

  3. Receive a digital proof album in your inbox.

  4. Select your image(s).

  5. Pay for and download digitals directly from your album.

  6. Order prints from Jess' online print shop.

  7. Let them adorn your walls and grandparents' refrigerators until virtual learning is a thing of the past and we never speak of it again ;)

Jess McShane Photography - 2020-03-20 -
Jess McShane Photography - 20-11 - Virtu
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