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Day 12: Better.

Wednesday, March 25th, 2020

Nothing like a fast approaching expiry date during a pandemic to motivate you in the morning. Before the COFFEE was even on, I rallied the troops and got 'em rolling meatballs like there was no tomorrow. Then couch coffee. Then couch coffee round two.

Building on the success of our neighbourhood shamrock hunt, we're participating in a "window walk"; Every few days we have a new piece of themed artwork to put on display for passers by to find. Two days late, but the animals are up! That killed about half an hour; 25 minutes for me to cut out the cardboard animals and 5 minutes of painting.

Now I don't know about your kids (if you have kids), but my seven year old just turned 17 today. She's a kind and patient soul, but one can only take so much "little brother" in their life. She misses her friends and was more than happy to chat with a buddy, play interactive games and experiment with silly filters on Facebook's Messenger Kids app. Not something I planned on giving them access to this young, but I think it's important they stay connected too! We'll see how it goes with the four year old tomorrow...

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