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Day 19: Neglect

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Contrary to what the title indicates, I've actually been busy these last several days. Instead of gym class for the kids, I did some private training sessions on the lake. Instead of e-learning for the kids, I commandeered the computer and worked on my own website. And instead of spending money on said kids, I'm working on a way to direct dollars to local Covid-19 relief funds. Stay tuned.

Over the weekend I got my solo time! Given the present conditions, it was likely the last ski of the season which makes me a little sad. Despite circumstances, this has been my best winter in years...not pregnant, not toting a toddler, not suffering from herniated discs and crippling back pain...cheers to an even better summer! (We can hope, right?) Swimming has been a major part of my recovery, and with pools closed and lakes blanketed in ice, I can feel it getting tweaky again. Doing whatever I can to stay upright, but REALLY hoping for a hot spring so I can get back in the water. Have I mentioned how fortunate we are to live where we do?

Monday I completed an entirely anti-climactic trip to the grocery store - our first in two and a half weeks. I placed an online order 5 days prior, received a text notification that it was ready for pickup during my designated time-slot, parked the van, opened the trunk, watched a pleasant young woman load my bags, closed the trunk and drove home. After more than 17 days with only McShanes to look at, I was hoping for a little more action...but no action is good action these days so I'm not complaining! Kudos to Rehan's Independent for adapting so quickly and efficiently to the needs of our community.

Tuesday, I stuck my nose into the computer while the little people watched movies, stared at tablets and rotted away brain cells all day. I was ok with it. I'm working on a photography project that I'm not quite ready to share with the masses yet. But it's fun. And it's giving me purpose outside of child-rearing. And a means to justify sitting the kids in front of screens all day. Win-Win-Win-ish? But the sun came out today, and excuses were fewer, so jumped in the van and drove a mostly deserted Paris St. (Good job everyone!) destined for the Lake Laurentian Conservation Area. They have a Story Trail that should have been able to capture the attention of a few kids, but Aaron only made it 3 pages (~500m) in before his inevitable meltdown. It was a hit with the other two though! Robert Munsch's Blackflies is the story of the season...unfortunately appropriate for the coming weeks.

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