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Day 37: Trees and Rocks and Water and Fresh Air Were Essential Today.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Our mini-adventure to the Wahnapitae River has apparently become an annual spring occurrence. And I'm cool with that. After a season of stillness and quiet, it's so good for the soul to sit beside the roiling water, hear the birds and feel the rock and earth underfoot.


We've produced at least one curious nature-lover who had a pile of rock-related questions I couldn't answer. Good thing Mom has big baller geo-nerd friends in high places...plans for a highly educational, post-isolation field trip are already underway. Now accepting applications...if you want to get your geek on, let me know.


But perhaps the highlight of my day was when two paddlers - decked out in more safety gear than I knew existed - floated up to the top of the rapids in their canoe. We were just pulling away, so with my head hanging out the window I asked if they were going to take a crack at it. I got a "We're checking it out!" so with a giddy glint in my eye I jumped out, confirmed that they were cool with some photo-documentation and quickly (and carefully) shuffled down river to find a decent frame. Kids are great and all, but I've been missing ACTION.

After scouting their line, assessing the risk and making a plan, they launched. And they almost made it.


We stuck around long enough to make sure they had their situation under control, said thanks for the excitement, and drove home. Dry and warm, with physical distancing adequately maintained. Lesson of the day; be prepared, kids!

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