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Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Friday, March 27th, 2020

WE MADE IT! Covid symptoms and subsequent McShanesolation commenced 14 days ago. We haven't gone to a store, touched a playground or sneezed on a friend or stranger since. AND we still have a loaf of bread, a bag of milk and a 6-pack of Corona left. Bam. If we can do it, so can you. We celebrated our milestone with...more isolation, because Pandemic. I ordered groceries for pick-up on Monday at Rehan's Independent...Can't WAIT to report on that adventure.

Patiecne...'Bout sums it up.
Sean fixed it.

Between screaming matches and loooooong stretches of screen-time, I managed to get the kids doing some camera-worthy activities over the last couple days. We've painted encouraging words and images on windows...

We've walked a bit. Everytime we're out, the four year old asks why I didn't bring a bag to collect garbage in, so I brought the bags today and we filled three. Spring is are there so many people still tossing Timmie's cups in snowbanks?

And last but not least, to close out the week I took Georgia for her first crust ski. There's a small window of time in the spring (but not every spring!) when the lakes provide a giant, flat, smooth surface to ski ALL over and today was PERFECT! I'm hoping to ditch the family for a significant portion of Saturday to enjoy some solitude on a lake. Turns out I need alone time more than I thought, and isolating with four humans is really putting a damper on that. Wish me luck!

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