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Social Distancing Now

Unprecedented. Eerie. Fucking weird.

The McShanes - my little party of five - are officially entering self-isolation mode...tests aren't available in Sudbury but potential exposure and potential Covid-19 symptoms are giving us pause. I was in close contact with a woman who was identified by Sudbury Patient Zero as having been in close contact. We also had a PDAC delegate living in our basement. So the possibility is real. I have nothing more than an intermittent, mild, dry cough. Sean is a little worse off with a fever, cough (though this could be his underlying respiratory issue), but the big indicators are fatigue and lethargy. Sean is never fatigued or lethargic. We are not worried for own health and recovery as we're both young and healthy, but we will do our part to #flattenthecurve.

Cross Country Skiing in Kivi Park, Sudbury, ON

We're well stocked and feeling fine, but if you see us in the wild, just wave from afar. (You can't keep me from my lakes and trees yet.)

To maintain sanity, and some semblance of connection to the world, I'll be photo-documenting our gong show, and as much of the outside world as I safely can with my telephoto lens. 👀 This is my first real crack at a blog, so bear with me as I tread all kinds of unknown waters at once. I'll post to my various platforms so keep the social in social media and reach out! I'm going to need you. 😳 👨‍👦‍👦👩‍👧 🏡

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