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Bringing connection to isolation through photographs. #ApartTogether


We have currently paused our program, but fully intend to get back out there once the "stay home" messaging has loosened. Keep signing up, keep donating, we'll be together soon.

Should you wish to make a monetary contribution, we ask that you direct donations to the Health Sciences North Covid-19 Support Fund. 

If donating as an individual, please indicate "The Front Steps Project" in the optional Organization field so we can estimate project contributions.

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The #TheFrontStepsProject idea has been floating around the internet since early isolation days. It came to my attention when local photography duo, PhotoCaptiva offered their services for a day to families in the Greater Sudbury area. After a quick Google, I found the Front Step founders in Needham, Massachusetts; Cara Soulia, together with friends created a now-viral movement inspiring photographers from across the continent to bring people together the best way they know how. So...I can't take credit, but I can contribute.

My name is Jess, and I take photos. My images are documentary in nature and typically involve sport, action and stories, but I'm excited to put my zoom lens to work for you and your team. I've been training my camera on our own family's experiences through these strange weeks, so you can see recent examples on my blog.

While we all wade through uncharted territory, I will be offering Essential Services and their employees in Greater Sudbury a free, fast and efficient photo session outside your place of work.  With the help of my trusty zoom, I will abide by all social & physical distancing requirements and suggestions. Abiding by the province's ban on gatherings no greater than five, group shots can not exceed four participants, but organizations can arrange to have multiple group shots should they wish. So don your PPE and commemorate the selfless work that you and your colleagues do to keep the world turning while the rest of us sit on the couch.

These sessions are FREE of charge. Images will be posted on social media and made available for free download as a TINY thank you for your sacrifice.

Here's how it will go down;

  1. Fill in a request form.

  2. I will speak with management to coordinate a suitable date and time and designate a contact person from your organization.

  3. Individuals wishing to participate will be required to fill an online participant release prior to the day of the shoot.

  4. On the day, I will notify the designated contact person when I'm set up and ready to go.

  5. I will direct participants (from a distance) where to stand outside your place of work.

Jess McShane Photography - 20-04-06 - TF

Rehan's Independent Staff, Sudbury, April 6, 2020


Image courtesy of Cara Soulia,

Nitty Gritty

Nitty Gritty:

  1. All Participants must submit an online participant release.

  2. Participants grant permission for their image(s) to be posted online by Jess McShane Photography.

  3. Copyright of photographs remains with the Photographer. The Photographer grants the Participants the rights to make physical copies and distribute digital images under the following conditions;

• The images taken by the Photographer are for personal use by the Organization, Participants and their friends and relatives.
• The Participants and Organization and it's representatives cannot under any circumstances edit or crop images without written and signed permission from the Photographer.
• Sale, Publication or any Commercial use of the photographs are not allowed without prior written permission from the Photographer with the exception of credited social media use.

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