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Day 21: Oh the Weather Outsi-i-i-ide's Delightful

Friday, April 3, 2020

Ford had me scared today...I was waiting for the announcement that Ontarians were to remain indoors, but THANKFULLY that has not come to pass. Yet. Stay smart, folks. Don't ruin it for the rest of us. The Government is trying to give us the benefit of the doubt. They're trying to give us the chance to use our heads and make the right choices to mitigate risk, but I just have this feeling the numbnuts are going to screw it all up.

Who the f@$k knows what's coming tomorrow, so today...we soak it all in.

We've had road races, gone train hunting, made questionable clothing decisions, sidewalk chalked 'till we couldn't sidewalk chalk no more (we ran out)...then we made sidewalk chalk paint! Cornstarch, water and food colouring worked wonders! You can find the recipe on my running list of McShane Approved Pandemic Activities.



The bikes are still frozen in our shed, so the kids are left to gaze longingly at the two-wheeled passers by. I'm conflicted though...their little cousin broke his foot last week jumping off furniture - because that's how he rolls. The Doc called later to say the temporary cast put on in the ER will have to suffice because the ACU (where the Orthos put the "real" casts on) is closed. CLOSED, guys. They weren't kidding when they said they were diverting resources to the fight against Covid. So keep your loved ones safe, healthy and in one piece please. I've never been a helicopter parent, but when in Rome...(please don't turn Sudbury into Rome).

Despite all my talk of risk and uncertainty and kid-related frustrations, I do have to say that we're in a (very) fortunate position of having one parent able to work safely from home, and one available to keep the noise-makers out of his hair. Sean's been absolutely blasted with work, trying to keep up with industry that's changing by the hour, so the further away the noise the better. Driveway visits are the new movie theatre!


Photographing Friends from Afar

Saying Hi to Cousins...And Dragons.

Today was a good one, guys. I hope yours was too. ❤️

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