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Day 6: Covid? Yeah, Naw...Yeah??

Thursday, March 19, 2020

After my morning routine of coffee and a panic-inducing session in front of CBC News, we mosied on outside. Stopped by Nana's driveway to calm her fears and reassure her that we're not deathly ill and still very much alive. Sean is still struggling with gross fatigue and waves of general malaise. Not to the same extent, but I've also noted a decline in my energy levels (a 5km ski on a flat lake this week was SIGNIFICANTLY more difficult than my 20km ski through the hills of Onaping two weeks ago). We are both struggling to stay hydrated...dry, DRY throats, eyes, skin, etc. If is this covid, we're beyond thankful that it was a relative walk in the park. The most frustrating part of our predicament is that with no test kits available, we'll never know what it is/was until they develop an antibody test. And if you think about it, none of us will be able to resume "normal" life, and truly start contributing to a floundering economy until this happens. This Twitter thread gives me hope.

ANYway, back to our mosey. Crazy carpets in hand, we ventured onto the lake. The goal was to make it across to the golf course. I thought the promise of an epic sliding hill would motivate them through the 1.5km trek, but did not. The boys tapped out mid-lake. Thankfully, with a work-from-home Dad on call, we were able to call for a ride.

Distractor-of-the-day #2 came courtesy of Mo Willems and his Lunch Doodles. Mo took the reigns and guided the kids through his drawing process! New episodes every afternoon :) On that note, I'm compiling a list of tried and tested activities that have successfully kept our brood sane...ish. Bookmark this post to stay in the loop.


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